Tioman Island

On the southeastern side of the Peninsular Malaysia there is a group of 64 islands, of which Tioman Island is the biggest one (+/- 350 km2). Other known islands in this region are: Seri Bulat, Sembilang, Tulai, Sibu, Chebeh, Labas and Renggis. Tioman lies about 56 kilometers of the coast in the federal state of Pahang.

 Together with Perhentian Island and Redang Island, Tioman is the most popular island on the eastern side of the peninsula. The island is especially known for its wonderful diving and snorkeling possibilities. There are many resorts  on the island, catering for every type of traveler. Tioman is a duty-free island, which means some items are much cheaper compared to prices at the mainland. 

Overall the island has a very tranquil atmosphere. The inland of Tioman is covered in thick jungle; the edges of the island are populated. Because Tioman is part of a Marine Park, all visitors have to pay a marine park entrance fee of RM5 upon arrival.

"A legend synonymous with the island is the tale of a beautiful dragon princess. On her way from China to visit her prince in Singapore, this fabled maiden stopped to seek solace in the crystal-clear water of the South China Sea. Enchanted by the charms of the place, she decided to discontinue her journey. The princess took the form of an island and pledged to offer shelter and comfort to passing travelers."

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